What book should I read next? That was the original idea behind Sci Fi Cadre. Provide a way to recommend books I read and enjoy. It spread from there to offering news and views of science fiction and fact in other media.

What is Science Fiction?

Since this is a science fiction site, we should probably talk a little about what we consider to be science fiction. By the strictest definition, sci fi needs to be rooted in sound scientific theory at the time of its creation. The problem with this definition is it leaves out a lot of what people would call science fiction. For example, Star Trek would be a science fantasy since so much of its story boils down to “because science!” with no basis in reality. (Consider the use of fictitious chronotons to time travel.) Star Wars, which basically throws science out the window entirely, would be a space fantasy.

However, I really think most people would consider both franchises to be science fiction. This begs the question: what separates science fiction from fantasy? To me, it is simple. Does the individual story feel science-y? If it feels like it has some basis in science, then, even the most tenuous grasp, it is science fiction for the purpose of this website.


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Tim Greenshields

Tim Greenshields is the founder, and currently sole contributor, of Sci Fi Cadre. He is a lifelong geek that loves genre fiction, especially science fiction. He doesn’t limit himself to one form of media either. Whether it be books, comics, TV shows, movies, or games, Tim is there for it. Bring on the science!