Sweeping S’Ride

Sweeping S'Ride Cover

Author(s): Julia Huni,
Space Janitor #4
Genre(s): Comedy, Mystery,
Publisher: IPH Media
Date Pubished: June 19, 2019
225 Pages

Sweeping S’Ride Book Review

The space janitor is back for another adventure; this time, it is supposed to be boring. Just some business meetings of the galaxy’s most wealthy families. When she starts seeing the serial killer that got away (see Book 1, The Vacuum of Space) everywhere and a relationship with her boyfriend/security agent to mend, it quickly turns crazy.

When the galaxy’s most wealthy and powerful people get together, you can imagine that security would be tight. To Triana, this means stifling. She became a space janitor specifically to get away from this kind of thing! To make matters worse, her head of security, the man responsible for caging her, is also her boyfriend. This is not good for a relationship that already is resting on more than its fair share of rocks. She just has to get away, to think, to have some fun.

In true Triana fashion, she runs away. What’s the harm? At least 99.99% of the population go off on their own every day. Of course, Triana isn’t just anyone. Things quickly get crazy, and she finds herself in a strikingly familiar murder scene. For any murder scene to be familiar is terrible enough, but when it reminds you of a serial killer that tried to kill you, it’s horrible. Luckily, her boyfriend Ty and his fellow security agent Vanti keep her safe. For now.

After the end of the boring meetings, it’s time for Triana to smooth things over with Ty. But she’s not very good at these things, and with a possible serial killer looking for her, it’s hard to concentrate. Vanti comes to the rescue! Admittedly, she does this a lot. She’s basically an action hero. In this case, it’s not so much about saving anyone from physical harm as it is helping Triana clear her mind. And what better way to do that than solve the mystery of who is after her? And what better way to solve a mystery than go undercover as a cupcake truck!?! Seriously, this is probably Triana’s new dream job as long as she doesn’t eat through the merchandise.

Sweeping S’Ride is an entertaining addition to the Space Janitor series. Action, mystery, murders, and a bit of romance combine to make a fast-paced book you won’t want to put down. Who doesn’t like a fun read?

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