The Rings of Grissom

The Rings of Grissom Cover

Author(s): Julia Huni,
Tales of a Former Space Janitor #1
Genre(s): Comedy, Mystery, Romance,
Publisher: IPH Media
Date Pubished: January 1, 2021
245 Pages

The Rings of Grissom Book Review

First in the series of Tales of a Former Space Janitor, this series picks up right where Sweeping S’Ride leaves off. While being a direct continuation of Julia Huni’s Space Janitor series, it’s no longer an accurate name considering Triana is no longer a janitor. That’s right. The cat is out of the bag, and her boss found out about her real identity. Being the heiress to one of the most powerful families in the galaxy makes it hard to continue being employed like any other regular schmoe.

I said this picks up after Sweeping S’Ride, and I mean it picks up directly after. There is no downtime between books. Considering this is the 5th full-length novel staring Triana, as well as a bunch of short stories, it’s almost impossible to refer to this story without spoiling the Space Janitor series. If you haven’t read them yet, what are you doing here? Just go read the books. They are good. If you enjoy them, this is Sci-Fi Cadre, and you heard about them here. If you don’t like them, my name is John, and this is the world-famous Jungle Cruise.

Now that we’ve got that bit of pleasantry out of the way let’s see what kind of mess Triana has got herself into now. First, she is deported before she can even get a cup of coffee. Then, she barely avoids getting blown up in a shuttle. That’s not the only explosion that threatens to kill world-famous this on a planet considered safer than most. Are they out to get her specifically, or is she just yet again getting in the way?

Of course, Triana can’t just let a good mystery die. With the help of Ty’s family, including the wily matriarch of the family, and action hero Vanti, an investigation is a certainty. Despite the fact that it puts her and those around her in danger, it seems no one can resist a mystery.

While not exactly being the plan, Triana meets Ty’s family for the first time in this story. Meeting a significant other’s family is nerve-wracking even in the best of situations. Right after being deported, it’s even worse. The family dynamics at hand are the best addition to Triana’s universe. Her world is usually a lonely one, with relatively few friends. Ty’s family is big enough that it could be defined as a clan unto itself. I already mentioned the matriarch, Ty’s grandma, who is just as fond of aberrant behavior as Triana. He also has many siblings, including twins, who have a tradition of welcoming any newcomers into the family home by spiking their drinks, and an overprotective sister that insists Triana is bad news. Solving mysteries has become the norm, but dealing with a real family is just overwhelming.

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