Audio Verse Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Audio Verse 2020 Awards

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of audio fiction. Podcasts have allowed audio fiction to proliferate more than ever before. The democratization of distribution allowed the rise of independent artists to offer an even greater variety than the heyday of old-time radio. For better or worse, even tech giants such as Spotify and iHeartRadio have got in on the game.

The Audio Verse Awards have been around since 2013, featuring the best of the best in audio fiction. They have just announced the 2020 winners, and it is filled with some of my favorites such as Stellar Firma, The Amelia Project, We Fix Space Junk, and so much more. (The fact that my favorite podcasts heavily favor dark comedy probably says a lot about me.)

Check out the full awards list as well as some about the selection process on the Audio Verse Awards website.

Tim Greenshields

Tim Greenshields is the founder of Sci Fi Cadre. He has always loved science fiction and even as a baby would refuse to go to bed until Star Trek was on TV. When he isn't reading or watching genre fiction you can find him at Southern California conventions

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