Oz 9 Podcast is Launching a Comic!

Oz 9 Podcast Cover

The Oz 9 podcast is a comedy science fiction audio drama. A group of intrepid explorers set out to terraform a new home for the sleeping crew of the ship. Through selfless heroics, they bravely make mistakes that cause the deaths of thousands of people entrusted to their care. Oh, you thought these were competent people? They are most assuredly not. They don’t even qualify as incompetent. At best, they are not intentionally murderous.

Anyway, this group of hardly capable people are on a spaceship launched from Earth. The podcast follows the crazy exploits of the crew of the Oz 9 as they try to survive in space. It is absolutely bonkers and hilarious. I’ll admit I’m not caught up on the podcast, but the first 20 or so episodes I have listened to are brilliant.

They are now expanding their production out of the world of audio and into the world of comics. As of now, they have a Kickstarter to fund their first comic book that has 13 days remaining in the campaign. In addition to the obvious awards of digital and printed comics, they offer extended rewards such as the official cocktail recipe book, sitting in on a Zoom read by the cast, and even a cameo role on the show.

I think it’s always exciting when creators move into new mediums. The jump from audio fiction to comics is especially fun because it introduces visuals to what was before a purely auditory experience. The previews they have shown are absolutely incredible, and I can’t wait to see the completed product.

Tim Greenshields

Tim Greenshields is the founder of Sci Fi Cadre. He has always loved science fiction and even as a baby would refuse to go to bed until Star Trek was on TV. When he isn't reading or watching genre fiction you can find him at Southern California conventions

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