Serial Box has rebranded to Realm

New Realm Logo

Serial Box, that very punny service publishing stories via audio and written word, is rebranding. They shall now be known simply by the name Realm! The pun was just too strong with them and too many people were confusing their name. Cereal or Serial? You mean like the murderers? No, as in serialized fiction, but I get it. You can be too clever for your own good, and simplifying your name can only be good for branding. You can now reach the website via their brand new domain name

Along with the new name, they are also introducing new ways to listen. Some of their originals are going to available free via ad-supporting podcasts. They have 6 shows live now. Among these is their popular Orphan Black series along with their race-to-Mars, AI-gone-wrong series Machina. I listen to a lot of podcasts, including a lot of audio fiction. More podcasts to enjoy is never a bad thing.

Along with their free podcasts, Realm is also introducing a new subscription service. You pay them a certain amount a month, and you can enjoy almost anything you want on the service for free. There are some notable exceptions in this subscription model, including all the DC and Marvel owned properties. They will still be available on the platform, but you will have to purchase them individually. This service is only $3.99 per month at the moment, so if you listen to even one series a month you will at least be breaking even. You can save more money by paying annually.

I’m a fan of Realm. It’s a good name for a service that provides a lot of value. Most of their content is produced in both text as well as audio, so you can enjoy it with either method. It will even sync your position between reading and listening. Their audio performances are always top notch, well produced with varying amounts of soundtrack backing and sound effects. You’ll even recognize some of their narrators, such as George Takei and Summer Glau.

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