Invasion from Deep Space Vintage Sci Fi Kiss-Cut Sticker


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They came from deep space, unknown and mysterious. They came in a great ship, a vessel that was so large it seemed to blot out the sun. They came in peace, or so they said. But the people of Earth were afraid. They did not know what these creatures were, or what they wanted. They only knew that they were different, and that they were here in great numbers. The aliens began to build a great city, a place that seemed to defy the laws of nature. The people of Earth watched, and waited, and feared. They did not know what was going to happen next.

And then, suddenly, the great city was finished. The last piece of stone landed. The sculptor’s work was done. The architect’s plans were complete. Now all they needed was the final piece—the king or the queen. But where were they? Where had they gone?

The search for the last piece of the great jigsaw puzzle began. In the beginning, people looked at each other with curiosity. But as the days went on and the mystery remained, the deep space aliens began to look at each other with suspicion. And why did everyone seem to be ignoring the obvious solution—that the king or the queen is already present within their midst?

A kiss-cut provides you with the ultimate flexibility for implementing your vision—this method cuts the sticker into any shape you desire, while leaving the back intact so that it can be smoothly peeled off the page.

  • Material: 100% vinyl with 3M glue
  • Transparent
  • For indoor use (not waterproof)

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