Machina Season 1

Machina is a near-future space race competition featuring two tech start-ups. The competition's goal is to select a company to build an AI-powered robot to set up a habitat on Mars. This competition is especially crucial as Earth is facing environmental catastrophes and the future of the human race lies in colonizing Mars.

All Systems Red

Murderbot doesn't want to murder. Murderbot wants to watch TV. Unfortunately, Murderbot has to murder. Sometimes. Because Murderbot is a SecUnit, and its job is to protect whoever the company tells it to protect. As a point of discussion, Murderbot's pronoun is it. I'm not dehumanizing it. You could yell at Wells for dehumanizing Murderbot, but Murderbot isn't human. So don't @ me. Murderbot has no name. It thinks of itself as Murderbot because it's…