Cherry Pie: A Cyberpink Story

Cherry Pie: A Cyberpink Story is the second installment of the Cyberpink series by George Saoulidis. They eagerly await Hector's newest acquisition to the team, Cherry. After she arrives, it's still a long road to building the rest of the team and being competitive.

Sworld: The Chronicles of Malick

Sworld by William Harris follows Malick and the crew of the Pioneer. A multispecies crew on a long journey to a distant world, they crash land on a planet previously thought inhospitable to life called Sworld.

Machina Season 1

Machina is a near-future space race competition featuring two tech start-ups. The competition's goal is to select a company to build an AI-powered robot to set up a habitat on Mars. This competition is especially crucial as Earth is facing environmental catastrophes and the future of the human race lies in colonizing Mars.

Star Wars Queen’s Peril

EK Johnston's second book about Padme, Queens Peril, is set before and concurrent with The Phantom Menace. I'll be honest; when I first read the book's announcement, I thought it would be similar to the old journal series where the story is retold from the perspective of a single character. I was wrong. This book is so much more than that. It's a story of empowerment, not just for Padme but for her handmaidens as…

Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story

Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story is a cyberpunk gladiator sports novella set in a future Greece where the old gods are alive and well. Pickle, or Patty Roo, is a jugger athlete, part of Cyberpink. Cyberpink combines gladiator fighting with a capture the flag similar to some PvP arena battles in MMO games. Hector Troy is an armorer. He is also Patty's reluctant owner.

All Systems Red

Murderbot doesn't want to murder. Murderbot wants to watch TV. Unfortunately, Murderbot has to murder. Sometimes. Because Murderbot is a SecUnit, and its job is to protect whoever the company tells it to protect. As a point of discussion, Murderbot's pronoun is it. I'm not dehumanizing it. You could yell at Wells for dehumanizing Murderbot, but Murderbot isn't human. So don't @ me. Murderbot has no name. It thinks of itself as Murderbot because it's…

Galactic Football League 1: The Rookie

FFOOOOOTBAAAALLLL IIIIIINNN SPAAAAAAAACE!!! Seriously, Galactic Football League is a far-future science fiction series centered around American-style football. Other human sports have survived. Baseball is there but boring (screw you, baseball is awesome). Soccer exists, but a single species dominates it. On the other hand, football is uniquely suited to multiple species all competing against each other in the same sport. I listened to this from GraphicAudio. Everything GraphicAudio produces is adapted for a full cast…

Ghost Riders In The Sky

Take a classic space adventure, mix in a galactic conspiracy, and sprinkle a bit of paranormal activity on top, and you get Ghost Riders in the Sky. An alien species has come to Earth and helped humanity reach much further into the galaxy, allowing for the colonization of other solar systems. But it comes at a cost. Their unique method of faster than light travel requires the use of a navigator that can astral project.…

Sakura: Intellectual Property

Sakura: Intellectual Property is a cyberpunk novel set in near-future Japan featuring the heavy metal star turned assassin sentient android Sakura. The country has extremely high poverty rates; most of the populace is retreating further into an augmented reality world powered by the all-powerful American corporation simply called the Mall. Sakura must fight for her freedom and the freedom of her people. Zachary Hill wrote the first draft of Sakura: Intellectual Property. He intended it…