Cherry Pie: A Cyberpink Story

Cherry Pie: A Cyberpink Story is the second installment of the Cyberpink series by George Saoulidis. They eagerly await Hector's newest acquisition to the team, Cherry. After she arrives, it's still a long road to building the rest of the team and being competitive.

Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story

Pickle Pie: A Cyberpink Story is a cyberpunk gladiator sports novella set in a future Greece where the old gods are alive and well. Pickle, or Patty Roo, is a jugger athlete, part of Cyberpink. Cyberpink combines gladiator fighting with a capture the flag similar to some PvP arena battles in MMO games. Hector Troy is an armorer. He is also Patty's reluctant owner.

Galactic Football League 1: The Rookie

FFOOOOOTBAAAALLLL IIIIIINNN SPAAAAAAAACE!!! Seriously, Galactic Football League is a far-future science fiction series centered around American-style football. Other human sports have survived. Baseball is there but boring (screw you, baseball is awesome). Soccer exists, but a single species dominates it. On the other hand, football is uniquely suited to multiple species all competing against each other in the same sport. I listened to this from GraphicAudio. Everything GraphicAudio produces is adapted for a full cast…