Tiny and Fierce: A Sci Fi Alien Reverse Harem Romance

Tiny and Fierce A Sci Fi Alien Reverse Harem Romance Cover

Author(s): Eli Constant, Margo Bond Collins,
Her Alien Crew #1
Genre(s): Romance,
Publisher: Dangerous Words Publishing
Date Pubished: October 5, 2020
166 Pages

Tiny and Fierce: A Sci Fi Alien Reverse Harem Romance Book Review

Tiny and Fierce, as authors Margo Collins and Eli Constant describe it, is a Sci-Fi Alien Reverse Harem Romance. This description alone will tell you a lot of what the book is about if you break it down. It’s a science fiction romance novel featuring aliens. A reverse harem means a woman in a relationship with multiple men. So that’s what the story is about, and it is as silly and fun as it sounds.

Tiny and Fierce’s main character is a human female named Lise Klein. After falling through an unknown wormhole, she becomes stuck in another part of the universe with no way to make a living. The book opens on her deciding to get a crew to help her make a living. She witnesses three aliens, two humanoids and an insectoid, pulling a con and immediately decides she needs them as her crew.

The three aliens Lise brings on as her crew are a fae named Alder Regulus, an insectoid Chilchek names Evik, and humanoid Morpheus Madagar. As you could have guessed, all three are wanted by law enforcement since their introduction featured them stealing money. The only other thing that seems to be in common between the three is they all have massive sex organs. If alien sex organs are your thing, then great, this book might have what you want. Little did Lise know how much trouble these three would bring as she is quickly swept up in intergalactic crime. But not all is as it seems as the histories of each character are revealed.

Rounding out the character list is Blue, the ship’s AI. The vessel has been with Lise for a long time, and they have a close relationship. She is treated as a friend and crewmember by Lise, much to the rest of her new crew’s confusion. However, it is hinted that Blue is much more than a standard AI. Lise has upgraded her to have emotions and conscience, but it’s still a mystery how advanced she is. As Tiny and Fierce is intended to be the first book in a series, this is left open for more exploration in the future.

Weighing in at 166 pages, this book is possibly smaller than its tiny protagonist. In this case, it probably could have been a little longer. Not enough time is spent on any one character, and as a result, none of them are developed very well. Each chapter changes the point of view to a different person. This format does allow the authors to examine the reasons each character is attracted to Lise, as well as why Lise is attracted to all three males, but even this is superficial. As a romance novel, it would have been nice to have more romance.

Where Tiny and Fierce shines is it’s action scenes. It’s not as action-packed as a space opera, but the action sequences it does have are well thought out. Even if sex with aliens is your thing, it’s not very prominent in the story. The alien physiology is more suited to the action sequences than romance. Amphibious creatures with venom in their frog-like tongues, humanoids with fairy wings, and a magical being that can shoot lightning out of his body are much more conducive to a fight than romance.

Despite its flaws, Tiny and Fierce is a fun, simple read. If you are looking for a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with good action sequences and a decent romance, this is an excellent choice. Just make sure you are ok with alien sex scenes before going in.

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