Glitter in the Stars

Glitter in the Stars

Author(s): Julia Huni,
Space Janitor #3
Genre(s): Comedy, Mystery, Romance,
Publisher: IPH Media
Date Pubished: August 13, 2019
219 Pages

Glitter in the Stars Book Review

Glitter in the Stars is the third book in Julia Huni’s Space Janitor series. It takes place just after the story The Dust of Kaku. Finally back on the station, Trianna is set back up with her job as a space janitor. Until her mom calls. While Trianna has tried to abandon her life as the heiress to one of the wealthiest families in the galaxy, her mom has decided it’s time to return to the family, at least part-time. Trianna must travel to another planet, Sweeping Ride, for a big meeting, but she can keep her cover by traveling as a temp maintenance worker on a cruise line. Since this is Trianna, things quickly go awry.

At least she has Ty, her sort-of boyfriend, there with her. Ostensibly providing security for her, there is just a tiny problem. She’s hiding as a maintenance technician and has been assigned a shared bunk in the lower decks while he is a guest with a big room. Employees aren’t exactly encouraged to fraternize with the paying guests.

It turns out that it’s a good thing Ty is with her. The cruise line needed a temp because some of the employees have gone missing. This isn’t unheard of, people quit jobs with no notice all the time, but it’s bizarre when a worker goes missing in the middle of a voyage. After all, this is a space ship, and for all their advanced technology, the only way to dispose of a body on the ship would be to send it out the airlock. Of course, Trianna takes in on herself and, thus, also on Ty to solve this mystery.

Since Glitter in the Stars takes place in a new setting, it also necessitates a new cast of supporting characters. The most fun among these is the dance instructor Joan. There’s a dance competition on board, and Ty couldn’t resist volunteering. Joan is his instructor and choreographer. She has some secret skills from the past that allow her to help Ty and Trianna. Of course, she also makes super insecure Trianna jealous.

There are also the interns. Who doesn’t love a good intern? They do the job of skilled employees, and you don’t have to pay them! It seems a little unfair to me, but it’s how the world works (also, the real world and unpaid internship are super classist). More importantly, they work with and get involved in the mystery themselves. They are an interesting bunch too. There are a few of them, and they range from nerdy and more carefree, similar to Trianna’s character, to a spoiled brat.

What are you waiting for? This is an entertaining read. Fast-paced and light-hearted, you won’t regret picking it up.

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