Ghost Probe

Price sells Ghost Probe as a novel for fans of The Orville. Much like the early episodes of Seth MacFarlane’s show, Ghost Probe delivers an entertaining story despite struggling to find its voice. As an exploration story, it is fun with some good, but not great, social commentary. As a comedy, it tries too hard with too much self-referential humor. Let’s start with saying what Ghost Probe is not. It is not an action novel.…

Sworld: The Chronicles of Malick

Sworld by William Harris follows Malick and the crew of the Pioneer. A multispecies crew on a long journey to a distant world, they crash land on a planet previously thought inhospitable to life called Sworld.

Machina Season 1

Machina is a near-future space race competition featuring two tech start-ups. The competition's goal is to select a company to build an AI-powered robot to set up a habitat on Mars. This competition is especially crucial as Earth is facing environmental catastrophes and the future of the human race lies in colonizing Mars.

Martian Plague

Humans have been kicked off Earth by an invading alien race. The survivors of the invasion live in bubble cities in the Mars colonies. Our lead character, Ozzy Mack, a "criminal archeologist," is paid well to locate and recover artifacts from an ancient Martian civilization. Think of him kind of like a store brand Indiana Jones with less respect for the law. Maybe he's more like the bad guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark.…